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Do You Need a Forensic Accountant?

Posted by Mark On August 27th

Are you trying to re-establish your financials after a natural disaster? Are you involved in a divorce or business partner dispute? Are you going through a business interruption loss?

Re-establishing your financials after a natural disaster is difficult. Going through a divorce or business partner dispute is stressful. Determining the circumstances of a business interruption loss can be complicated.

Whether it’s divorce, bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency or disaster relief it doesn’t take long to realize you need the services of an expert, a forensic accountant. Forensic accountants combine forensic accounting, forensic auditing and forensic research training to conduct financial examinations. They deliver a specialized approach to each subject at hand.

Forensic Accountant

Today, there is a broad need for forensic accountants. It’s important to work with a forensic accountant that is committed to providing reliable service and maintaining the highest professional standards. This year, I have expanded our CPA practice into the field of Forensics to meet that broad need.

Recently, I attended ACFEI , (the world’s largest forensic science association). I earned the Cr. FA designation. My years of experience and expertise in the accounting profession, along with my new designation, will benefit you when you need to hire a forensic accountant. I know how important it is to work with someone you know and trust.

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