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Cash Flow Planning for Life

Helping you reach your personal & professional financial goals.

Home office business deductions is another area that has changed recently. The Internal Revenue Service has provided a $5 per square foot (max $1,500) standard deduction for individuals that qualify.

Business Deductions

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The rules to qualify for a deduction have not changed and you should review your situation with a tax professional before taking any deduction as it relates to a home office.

If you use your personal vehicle to travel to/from client(s) sites or run errands for business purposes you have 2 options for expensing the cost.

  1. You can take a standard mileage deduction (.55 cents per mile in 2014) for each mile traveled for business.
  2. You can take actual expenses for the vehicle.

In either case a detailed mileage log is required to substantiate the deduction. My suggestion is to use the standard mileage option for at least the first year or until you get a tax professional to review your situation as deducting actual expenses comes with rules regarding personal use of the same vehicle.

Independent-Contractor-Taxes...Know-Your-OptionsRetirement plans are outside the scope of this eBook but be aware there are options out there as cash flow becomes available.

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