Cash Flow Planning for Life - Helping you reach your personal & professional financial goals.

Cash Flow Planning for Life

Helping you reach your personal & professional financial goals.

Are you a business owner that needs help with cash flow planning? controllership? forensic accounting?

Or perhaps an individual that needs assistance with your tax planning and preparation, or resolution of an IRS tax problem you have incurred?

Future Planning

Stay Current on Available Accounting Services

Each year brings about changes in the world of accounting.

It is easy to fall behind with your tax planning and preparation, which may end up causing you tax problems with the IRS. Without resolution of an IRS tax problem, you can end up having to pay tax penalties in addition to the original amount you owed.

Are you concerned about cash flow planning? Do you know exactly where you stand with your profits? Sound planning of cash flow is essential to keep your business healthy.

Are you considering controllership as an option for your business? Working with a controller is a perfect way for your business to gain a great deal of experience quickly and remain healthy.

Is it time to work with a forensic accountant? Are you facing court cases regarding bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency or divorce and need a forensic accountant to testify for you. A forensic accounting analysis is accepted in the courtroom.

Look For Personalized Accounting Services

Whatever your accounting needs are, it is essential that you engage the accounting services of a professional CPA (certified public accountant) that offers personalized customer service.

At Makara & Associates, LLC, our firm is committed to education and cutting edge technology. We stay focused on building healthy relationships while giving superior customer service.

Our commitment allows us to stay on top of today’s ever changing complex business world. You will be working with an accounting firm that meets your needs with quality and timely services.

Review Each Type of Service

At the firm of Makara & Associates LLC, we believe in educating our clients by offering them a number of ways to learn more about accounting services.

Our website provides a Services page that reviews each type of service available.

Our FAQ page shares the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.

Our online library gives you the opportunity to read more about individual accounting services, with our easy to download free eBooks. Some of the topics that are covered:  year end tax tips, tax planning, tax deductions, retirement, social security, divorce, small business, independent contractors.

Do you have additional questions or need clarification of an accounting service, contact us online. You can also call our Naples Office at (239) 384-9688 or our Fort Myers Office at (239) 768-5008.

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This information is based on facts, assumptions and representations as stated and authorities that are subject to change. We will not update this information for subsequent legislative or administrative changes of future judicial interpretations.
LEGAL NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: The information within this blog is for informational and educational purposes only and is not tax advice and should not be used as such. The facts of each individual situation can have significantly different outcomes when applying tax law. The hiring of a CPA is an important decision not to be based solely on advertisements.

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