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#1. Hire a Good Attorney

Posted by Mark On April 27th


This is the first installment of “Divorce. What You Need to Think About from a Financial Perspective”, which can be downloaded for FREE from

Even if you and your spouse feel that you are basically in agreement about the legalities of your divorce, it is important to have knowledgeable, dependable legal council to guide you through the process.

If you are in the midst of a contested divorce, of course, a knowledgeable attorney is absolutely essential.

A “good” attorney does not necessarily mean the highest priced firm. Although some attorneys have earned their higher salary due to a history of wins in court, this is something that you should conduct your own research on.

You may also receive excellent representation from smaller firms. With a smaller firm, you will also find that you incur fewer additional charges, such as paralegal and administrative staff time charges. The best course for choosing the right attorney is to talk to others who have gone through a divorce.

Unfortunately, since 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, it probably won’t be very hard to find someone that can refer you to a good lawyer! You can also browse the web for information about local attorneys, looking for reviews or postings on forums from previous clients.

You should interview at least three divorce attorneys before you decide on one. Choose an attorney who has at least 5-10 years experience practicing family and divorce law.

It is usually best for everyone involved if you lean towards a collaborative approach during divorce, and have an attorney who sees the value in this. If you and your spouse are able to settle all issues without litigation, it will eliminate immense amounts of time and stress, and will save you thousands of dollars.

If collaborative divorce just isn’t a possibility, make sure that you have an attorney who is capable and willing to litigate your case before a judge. You should be looking for two key qualities in your attorney:Divorce

1. Someone who knows the value of settling quickly.
2. Someone who is also willing to fight for you should it become necessary.

A good attorney will assist you in legal advice and the necessary legal filings for a divorce. However, when it comes to assessing and dividing your finances, you may also want to contact a Certified Public Accountant to assist you with the financial aspects of divorce.

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