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Happy Monday to you!

We wanted to assure you knew about this wonderful resource provided by the IRS regarding “Giving Tuesday” (tomorrow, November 28, 2017).

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is an annual event celebrated the week after Thanksgiving to kick off the season of charitable giving. Taxpayers making donations may be able to deduct them on their tax return. As people are deciding where to make their donations, the IRS has a tool that may help.

What is the IRS Select Check Tool?

Exempt Organizations Select Check on is a tool that allows users to search for charities. It provides information about an organization’s federal tax status and filings.

Here are four facts about EO Select Check:

  1. Donors can use it to confirm an organization is tax exempt and eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.
  2. Users can find out if an organization had its tax-exempt status revoked. A common reason for this is that the organization did not file its Form 990 or notices annually as required.
  3. EO Select Check does not list certain organizations that may be eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. This includes churches, organizations in a group ruling, and governmental entities.
  4. An organization’s “doing business as” name is not searchable. Search using an organization’s legal name instead.

Taxpayers can also use the Interactive Tax Assistant, Can I Deduct my Charitable Contributions? to help determine if a charitable contribution is deductible.


Mark & the Makara-Associates Team

Are you a small business owner?7 Things Every Small Business Owner Need to Know

Have you been considering starting a small business? 

Are you looking for guidelines that can help you build a solid foundation for your business?

Every business owner is faced with the same business questions at one time or another. Not dealing with the questions can cause problems, they can even create hurdles that can eventually put you out of business.

Being proactive allows you to grow your business on a solid foundation. Understanding these questions can make the difference of whether they become a problem.

Reviewing the seven things to know from our free eBook, 7 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know, can help create a positive working environment which allows you to grow your business while tackling these potential problems.

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Questions Small Business Owners Need To Ask

Posted by Mark On July 15th

Are you a small business owner? Do you find it difficult to stay on top of all the hurdles that come your way?

Small Business Owners

Every business owner, whether you are incorporating your business today or have been running a business for years, ends up asking the same questions. I encourage owners to ask the questions and find the answers before they become a problem.

In my many years of helping small businesses, I have found that successful small business owners tackle these potential hurdles right on before they become a problem that could put them out of business.

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The New IRS Form 1099-K

Posted by Mark On December 28th

IRS Form 1099-K

Starting in 2011, credit and debit card companies will begin reporting payments made to merchants on a new IRS form 1099-K to payees with over 200 sales transactions and over $20,000 in annual sales.  This amount will be reported on a separate line on a taxpayer’s applicable tax return, this will leave cash and check sales reported net of credit card sales on a separate line.

This change is an attempt to reduce underreporting of gross receipts by sellers of goods and services.  If a taxpayer takes cash sales out of the drawer to purchase merchandise and does not record the purchase and sale in its books and records, this change could trip up the IRS for underreporting of income, something to consider as you complete your 2011 tax return.

If your business needs a controller manager, please give me a call at (239) 384-9688 or contact me online.

Naples & Fort Myers Accounting

I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to our clients and our web followers of Makara & Associates. This month marks our company’s 5th Year Anniversary. We could not have achieved this continued success without the support of our clients and people like you.

Due to this continued growth, I am happy to announce that we have welcomed two new staff members to our team at Makara & Associates. We would like to introduce you to Stan English and Theresa Cosey. Please feel free to contact them at any time with questions regarding your tax returns or other accounting needs.

As we advance into 2012, the staff at Makara & Associates is continuing to find ways to ensure that you receive unparalleled customer service. In addition to increasing our staff, we have also created online resources which provide you with information and answers to your questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of these resources include a new website, This website provides you with in-depth information about various services that are available to you through Makara & Associates. It also includes a “Learn More” page, which outlines common questions about accounting practices, payroll, tax planning, controllership, Social Security, Quickbooks, and much more, providing you with comprehensive answers to these questions. In addition, we have also implemented a Blog site,, which further provides tips and informational resources about everything to do with accounting and financial stability for you, your family, and your business.

Again, we thank you for your continued loyalty to Makara & Associates, your referrals, and for your help in making the past 5 years a success. We look forward to many more to come!

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Holiday season and a happy, prosperous New Year!


Mark Makara and the Staff at Makara & Associates

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So, you’ve made it to the end of the year.

Taxes (Photo courtesy of David Reber's Hammer Photography)

Finish up those small business tax strategies for 2011 and you can start the new year ready to go!

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Being prepared for the small business tax that you will have in 2011 should be a top priority.

small business tax (Photo courtesy of Jason Dirks)

Staying ahead of the curve helps as well. So here are your 3rd quarter tax strategies to know.

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Hiring a consultant verses buying a new car; a lot of people believe they are comparable…

…when it comes to value received for dollars paid.

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Now that you are past the 1st quarter of 2011 and your small business tax strategies should be off to a great start…

Taxes (Photo Courtesy of Liz West)

…it’s time to consider your 2nd quarter tax strategies! Let’s take a look…

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Do you have your small business tax strategies planned out for 2011?

Small business tax

If you don’t, you probably should get on top of it! So here are your 1st quarter tax strategies.

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