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Is It Time to Hire a Certified Public Accountant?

Posted by Mark On October 27th

Are you considering a new business start-up? Makara & Associates, LLC

Is your business going through some difficult times financially?

Do you need guidance with your tax planning?

These are just a few of the reasons why people look to a CPA for direction with their businesses.

Hiring a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Do you feel prepared for the ever changing complex business world we live in today? Or are you feeling overwhelmed – especially when it is time to setup and/or clarify your business operations and accounting systems.

Your success starts with the choice you make when hiring a CPA. When looking for a CPA ask for referrals and check the CPA’s credentials. Then set up an initial appointment.

When meeting with a qualified CPA, determine that they are committed to education and today’s cutting edge technologies. Check that their services address all of your current needs. Also that they are focused on preparing your business for the ever changing business world of today.

Reviewing Services

Tax Preparation and Tax Planning – Working with you to implement tax and cash flow strategies to minimize the amount of taxes you pay. Freeing up cash flow for investment and growth, and working with tax dollars as a source of working capital.

Accounting Systems – Set-Up, Planning and Software Support – Understanding today’s technology and utilizing accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero.

New Business Start-Up Planning – Creating a solid foundation for your business to stand on using today’s cutting edge technologies.

Controllership – Discussing and determining if you need a controller to help monitor and maintain your business.

Working with Cashflow – Applying operational, investing, and financing activities in order to work with a sound cash flow planning system.

Forensic Accounting – Combining forensic investigating, auditing and accounting by collecting and analyzing financials for the purpose of shedding light on discrepancies, when necessary, in the courtroom or boardroom.

Makara and Associates, LLC

At Makara and Associates, our firm is committed to education and today’s cutting edge technologies.  This allows us to offer our clients superior services.

We are here to meet your needs, whether they are tax preparation and planning, starting-up your new business, controllership, cashflow, forensic accounting, information technology – Quickbooks, Xero, restructuring businesses, wealth planning, and/or general business consulting.

Our industry-specific knowledge allows us to guide you through the best practices for your business.

We find that failing to plan is a plan to fail!

Don’t fall into that trap.

Do contact us today and let us become an essential part of your team – your Certified Public Accountant.  Visit our website today!

Contact us online or call our Naples Office at (239) 384-9688 or our Fort Myers Office at (239) 768-5008.

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This information is based on facts, assumptions and representations as stated and authorities that are subject to change. We will not update this information for subsequent legislative or administrative changes of future judicial interpretations.
LEGAL NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: The information within this blog is for informational and educational purposes only and is not tax advice and should not be used as such. The facts of each individual situation can have significantly different outcomes when applying tax law. The hiring of a CPA is an important decision not to be based solely on advertisements.




















Are you a small business owner?7 Things Every Small Business Owner Need to Know

Have you been considering starting a small business? 

Are you looking for guidelines that can help you build a solid foundation for your business?

Every business owner is faced with the same business questions at one time or another. Not dealing with the questions can cause problems, they can even create hurdles that can eventually put you out of business.

Being proactive allows you to grow your business on a solid foundation. Understanding these questions can make the difference of whether they become a problem.

Reviewing the seven things to know from our free eBook, 7 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know, can help create a positive working environment which allows you to grow your business while tackling these potential problems.

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Are you an Independent Contractor?

Do you receive a 1099 for income paid to you?

Have you prepared for your year-end taxes with a tax strategy?

Form 1099
The end of the year can be quite stressful as an independent contractor. If you haven’t planned for your year-end taxes, you may find out that you owe a substantial amount of money for taxes.

At Makara and Associates, we understand how this can happen. Our team will take the time to educate you on what your options are and work with you on developing a solid tax strategy, so you don’t find yourself in an unpleasant situation at the end of the year.

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Thinking about getting a divorce?

Would you and your spouse be able to work through the process together?

Do you know the valuable role a Neutral Forensic Accountant can have in a collaborative divorce?

divorce petition

Unfortunately, many divorces are not collaborative.

When preparing for a divorce, the stress can be overwhelming.

Financial friction between a couple when dividing assets and debts can end up in a long, drawn-out legal battle.

This is a situation where working with a “Neutral Forensic Accountant” can make a significant difference.

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How Successful Are Your Business Operations?

Posted by Mark On December 31st

How do you measure your business success?

When was the last time you reviewed your business operations and accounting systems?

Are you prepared for the changes in our complex business world today?

Common Tax Provisions Set to Expire

Running your own business can present many challenges. Addressing those business needs may be overwhelming unless you are committed to continuing education and implementation of the latest technologies.

At Makara & Associates, LCC, we believe through our training and experience we can offer you a fresh prospective and practical view of your business operations and accounting systems.

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Thinking about getting a divorce?

Interested in making the proper preparations to protect yourself financially?

Do you want what is in the best interest financially for your family too?

divorce petition
You know divorce is a life-changing event, and you have heard It affects over 50% of couples in the U.S. But understanding all the aspects of a divorce is more overwhelming than you thought.

Without the proper planning, it can be devastating emotionally, mentally, and especially financially. With proper planning, it is possible to move forward and get through it.

If you are working towards a non-contested, respectful and collaborative divorce and need guidance to make that happen, consider these tips from experiences I have had. However, if you are working with a contested divorce, brace yourself, there is no way to “plan” for that.

Although, having everything in order is the first step either way.

Consider reviewing the following checklist as a helpful guideline.
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Do you have a controllership position in your organization?

If not, do you need help auditing your business accounts and supervising your financial affairs?  

When was the last time you reviewed a financial analysis on the health of your company?


Maintaining a healthy business can be more than a full-time job.

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Are you satisfied with the success of your business?

Does your business get the attention to details that it needs?

Do you feel confident that you are addressing all the changes in today’s complex business world?Future Plannin

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established business owner, you know the importance of engaging an accounting firm to prepare your compliance related documents.

However, it doesn’t stop there, as there are many other challenges in running your business operations that your accountant can assist you with.

When was the last time you met with your accountant?

Did you address your current business needs as well as plan for your future?

At Makara and Associates LLC, our Certified Public Accountants and Consultants are committed to education and cutting edge technologies that allow us to offer our clients superior services.

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Is your CPA committed to education?

Does your CPA use cutting edge technologies?

Do you receive quality service?

Makara & Associates LLC
These are the type of questions that your CPA should be happy to answer for you, giving you the “peace of mind” that you deserve.

Don’t settle for anything less.

Work with a CPA that is committed to continuous training and is well-versed in working with accounting in all facets of the economic chain.

Regardless of the size of your business, personal attention to accounting details are vital to the success of your business.
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Are you considering a divorce?

Do you have children? Are you seeking child support?

Will you also be asking for alimony?

Alimony and Child Support

Learn More About Divorces From a Financial Perspective

Thinking about the financial perspective of a divorce can be unsettling. Knowing the changes it can bring can make you feel uncomfortable.

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